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Professionally documented, fully customized, cost-effective, affordable, statistically savvy, and scientifically optimal strategic plan to keep {her} long-term reproductive options open based on the most current information available in the market today.


Strategic Plan includes:

  • Egg School™ e-book: “The New #Science of Managing Your Biological Clock
  • Orders for blood tests and ultrasound placed with a local, in-network clinic
  • {her} Lifestyle Assessment to elucidate long-term goals, lifestyle expectations, timelines, opportunities and constraints
  • {her} Fertility Assessment from industry-leading, board-certified physician and/or nurse practitioner team
  • Savvy advice on how to maximize your current health insurance and ancillary benefits
  • Recommendations on future health insurance plan selections that could get you even better coverage than you have today
  • Information on applicable State and Federal laws which could affect your timeline for action
  • Comprehensive listing of prices for all relevant services (i.e., egg freezing, IVF, IUI, etc.) at fertility clinics, labs, pharmacies, and long-term storage companies
  • Unbiased, third party recommendations for American Society of Reproductive Medicine SART-certified fertility clinics, labs, pharmacies, and storage companies from a long-time industry Eggspert™ who only has {her} best interests at heart and is not motivated to sell you anything
  • Information on discount and rebate programs for military, oncology patient, and low income individuals
  • Descriptive menu of affordable fertility financing options and estimated rates for someone with your FICO score
  • Creative solutions for communicating your plans with family, friends, and significant others
  • Workable solutions for managing your job and communicating with your employer while undergoing treatment
  • Key instructions for how to manage air, road, and overseas travel before and during fertility cycles
  • Price list of optional local, medically licensed injection providers
  • Timeline and instructions for how to prepare your body and lifestyle for fertility preservation (i.e., exercise, birth control, travel, Zika, alcohol, drugs, medications, etc.)
  • Unbiased recommendations for research-backed fertility-boosting vitamins and nutraceuticals
  • Strategies on how to minimize the life impacts of medications and procedures, including how to to best schedule your planned cycles
  • List of fertility-focused lawyers who can help create legally binding contracts to protect your genetic material (i.e., eggs, sperm, embryos) in all circumstances
  • Information and resources on how to coordinate egg-freezing cycles with other women so you can all go through this together