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Streamlining all the complicated fertility choices into an easy, comprehensible, and personalized game plan to protect your family future.


One-on-one personalized fertility advice, feedback to your timeline, answer your fertility questions, and providing game plan for action.


Access to our recommended and approved quality standard fertility clinics, labs, and board certified reproductive endocrinologist physicians to provide highest level of care.


Providing continued long-term support even after your egg freezing cycle is over. EggClub™ Membership includes access to discount referral network, bulk discounts to meds, and product perks.

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Women’s biological clocks tick at vastly different rates.  There’s a chance yours is ticking much faster than you realize.

The average age of marriage is on the rise because women are accomplishing more than ever.  Twenty percent of couples experience infertility, but by the time you figure out if you’re one of them, it may be too late.

{her}strategies helps you discover how much time you have left on your clock and create actionable, affordable strategies to help you avoid closing doors without knowing it.

Don’t let down your future self.  Take control with {her}strategies.

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Stephanie L.

Stephanie L.

Entrepreneur, Lost In Linderland Founder

"I have no regrets! After freezing my eggs, it has freed up my time to grow my entrepreneur business and help me skyrocket my company launch! I couldn't have asked for more than this."

Molly H.

Molly H.

Actress, Spermcast Podcast Host

"Your company is truly upstanding and stands behind the clinics and doctors recommended. I am so pleased with my choices. Your team is great! I have been refering everyone I know."

Angella N.

Angella N.

Corporate Marketing Strategist

"Thanks for great resources and a sounding board helping me navigate my egg freezing process. The candid informative and helpful advice truly defined the decisions for a hassle free process!"


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Choices For Your Future Self

The choice you make today effect your options for tomorrow. With {Her}Strategies you can get Eggsperts advice with key time lines to navigate all the choices with a smart plan for you future.

Learn About Egg Freezing

Have you been thinking about egg freezing or curious how it works? {Her}Strategies offers you a complete comprehensive plan to help organize your life and understand if egg freezing could be right for you.

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